minijam studio - portable music machines

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minijam studio - portable music machines
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The compact electronic music studio that lets you jam with synths and drum machines. Developed by the makers of Patchblocks. We are taking the idea of a music studio or live performance setup, built entirely out of hardware, and boiled it down to a range of very compact and affordable products. It gives you the feel and fun of jamming with hardware equipment, all bundled in a ready-to-use set with an impressive sound quality. For more information please visit or the Kickstarter campaign site. All Patchblocks units, which are not part of the minijam studio, will be shipped directly!

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£90,719.00 / 692 backers
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minijam studio - portable music machines
What is the minijam studio We are taking the idea of a music studio or live performance setup,... more »
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tek.drum - Drum Machine
Features 8 Drum-Synthesis tracks with 4 parameters per track 8 Patterns with 16 steps automa... more »
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tek.waves - Wavetable Synthesizer
Features 16 fully automatable sound parameters divided into 4 pages 4 wave table banks arpeg... more »
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.hub - Mixer and Recorder
Features 3 mono channel input with sync trigger output per channel (stereo cable) digital enc... more »
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tek.filter - Analog Filter
Features audio input and output 2 pole resonant low-pass / band-pass filter up to 40h batter... more »
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Splitter Cable
A stereo to double mono splitter cable for syncing. Length 1m. The perfect way to integrate your... more »
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Patchblock Synth Module (available now)
Features stereo audio input stereo audio output 2 channel digital input 2 channel digital out... more »
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Patchblock Midiblock (available now)
Features adds MIDI functionality to Patchblocks compatible with 5-pin MIDI cables supports MID... more »
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Patchblock Keyblock (available now)
Features 1 octave keyboard 4 MIDI CC knobs sends MIDI directly to Patchblock powered from Pat... more »
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PBMIX-3 (available now)
Features 3 channel audio mixer Aux send and return cue UV LED illuminated sidepanels Aluminiu... more »
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PBCABLES (available now)
Features 3 x 3.5mm audio cable Orange nylon jacket 1m lenght Very durable Fits perfectly ... more »
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Patchblock Eurorack module (available now)
Features Size: 8HP, Depth 30mm (skiff friendly) Power: 50mA @ +12v, 25mA @- 12v, 30mA @ +5v ... more »
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Aluminum knobs (available now)
Features Customize your gear to your own unique look. Full aluminum knobs compatible with d-s... more »